Sunday, July 30, 2006


"The pen is mightier than the sword."
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Baron Lytton 1803-1873 "Richelieu" 1839 Act II, sc ii

(Yes, that's the same guy who penned the now-famous first line "It was a dark and stormy night.")

I've always found it easier to compose the written word rather than the spoken, although I am known as having the "gift of the gab" too. But when I'm angry and really upset, it's sometimes hard to say exactly the right thing, especially when I am livid like I was over getting the eviction notice. It took me a few days to calm down, and by then I'd picked up the forms for filing for an arbitration. Once I got them, I focused on what I wanted to say about these sleazy landlords, and to provide proof and contact numbers of a couple of other evictees -- tenants, like me, who had been long-term residents in good standing, who were kicked out on the pretence that the landlord (or family members) were going to move into their suites. They're using the same scam to evict me when it's pretty clear they are hoping to re-rent for more money. However, I've got all my facts and figures straight now and they aren't going to get away with it if they try. So I had two pages of comments about them on the arbitration papers which I filed the next day and picked up yesterday with a copy to serve the landlords.

Meanwhile, I have already found myself an absolutely beautiful suite to rent and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it as it's a friend's suite. A bit expensive, but in doing my research I realize this is now the going rate. (Of course the landlords want to kick me out so they can up the rent!) was with great glee today that I served the papers. At first I was a bit worried as they are illusive people. I know they live in the building, but not exactly sure which suite. The address they gave on the eviction notice as the 'address where they can be "contacted and documents served" is a non-existing suite number, just a mail box. But I did my sleuthing work today. Thought I caught the husband in the garden but he'd disappeared by the time I got downstairs. Next, we listened for the garage doors to open (easy, as they are just below my balcony). I had earlier checked the underground parking and noted that theirs is one of the only vehicles parked down there amongst the piles of discarded furniture, boxes and old mattrasses. (They people have turned this building into a pig-sty!) So I rushed downstairs to the basement and caught the whole gang of them coming in with their groceries. They looked surprised to see me. Heehee. I just smiled sweetly and handed Pussy Cat the envelope.
"Here, this is for you!" I said, and rushed back up the stairs.

I'm certain when they read the copy of what I wrote to the arbitrator they are going to be furious (too bad! It's all the truth!) and I am now looking forward to my day in tenants' 'court' to see what bold-faced lies they try and tell the adjudicator. (I was there with Sofie when they evicted her and it was sickening to hear Pussy Cat, putting on her sweet innocent face, insisting that she was going to move into the suite. She never did, of course, so Sofie was awarded an extra two months rent.) I'm hoping this is what will happen next and I have two other tenants who have promised to keep me informed.

In the meantime, I'm now looking forward to vacating this place. Although the rent is going to be somewhat higher than I had hoped to pay, the new suite has many amenities besides being in a secure and well-kept building. I just couldn't consider moving into another cheap place which would likely be infested with roaches and mice and rowdy neighbours and nasty landlords. Been there, done that! Now it's time for some luxury in my life! So by mid September I hope to be out of here!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sorry to hear about all the trials and tribulations, but it does sound like you are doing the right thing, and even if you "win" with these people, finding a new place where you don't have to put up with such nonsense (to put it politely) would still be a better option for you.

I guess if there is anything positive to me in reading about this it would be that I see I am not the only one who has had to deal with obnoxious people like this. It can feel like that sometimes. Likewise, if there is anything positive in my comment, it would be that you are not alone and others out there have had their run-ins with unscrupulous people (to put it politely) as well.

Best of luck to you as you work on this situation, and I truly hope it turns out well for you. Regardless, we can't choose how others act, only what we do, and you are taking charge and making positive changes for yourself. That's something to be happy about!


Wynn Bexton said...

Waiting for the arbitration hearing on Aug 29. Meanwhile Yes! I have the new suite and look forward with great excitement now to the move. The 'landlords' are two people I know and like very much. Trustworthy, intelligent, talented, creative people. I'm intending to give only the required 10 days notice at the end of Sept. then I'm out of here! Yay!