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"Often an entire city has suffered because of an evil man."
Hesiod 700 BC "Works and Days." 1, 265

Why am I reporting all this? Many people I've spoken to (men included) won't read the newspaper reports or listen to the gory details on the TV or radio news. I notice that this week things seem to be toned down somewhat, giving some respite from the initial onslaught of what had been revealed during the eleven hour interrogation last week. It won't end there though. And why I (who won't attend horror movies and is scared stiff even by Dracula and Frankenstien stories) continue to write about it is a puzzle. Well, it's mainly because of my interest in the judicial system (how can a defense lawyer defend a creature like this fairly?) and the workings of the dark hearts and minds of the person who would carry out such carnage on innocent people. What compels a person to behave in such an inhuman way? Or is it 'inhuman'? What about all the other mass killings that are going on in this world (the bombings, the slaughter of innocents in far away countries like Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan...all in the name of 'war' the thousands of innocent victims of juntas and military regimes ) Also, because it is a historic criminal case in Canada, the most extensive and costliest investigation ever carried out. And it all began because the police wouldn't pay attention to the pleas of families who were searching for missing women...not until sixty of them were gone off the face of the earth. So this case is memorable and from it perhaps some good will come and we will learn a tragic lesson.

THE 11 HOUR INTERROGATION: (more about the Pigtown trial. Jan 26/07)
There were a lot of details revealed today that were much too disturbing to report here. In the interrogation Pickton eventually came close to admitting his guilt. When asked how many women he had killed, he said "You're making me more of a mass killer than I am." When the interrogator told him that investigators has found a large amount of evidence, he said "I made my own grave now I'm gonna sleep in it."
"What about the families of the missing women?" the interrogator asked.
"That's not my problem," Pig Man replied. "Shit happens!"
The interrogator did bring up the possibility that others were involved, Pig Man's brother, a woman friend and the Hells Angels. This fits the rumours that have been going around since the beginning. It's going to be very interesting to see if anyone else is going to be incriminated.
I have to ask, "How do people like that sleep at night?"

Tonight on the TV news they did a sketch of one of the youngest victims, Andrea J. a pretty blonde woman who was only 26. Her doctors said how she was on the road to kicking her drug habit. They described her as 'child-like and hopeful.' They were certain she was going to make it and get off the street. Then she disappeared. Her remains were found on Pig Man's farm.

Besides the more than 300 media people who are covering the Pig Farmer's trial, an on-line news service www.Orato.com has hired two former sex-trade workers to write their own impressions and to tell their own stories. These are women who worked the same streets downtown as the victims. So far the media has shown restraint in dealing with the grieving families and have written and broadcast respectful insights into the livesof the missing women. As you get to know more about them, hear their stories and the memoires of their families, it has put a real and tragic face on the victims.

As details of the trial come out, sex-trade workers are turning to each other for support and a drop-in centre downtown is offering them counselling and emotional support.

They say he sits slouced on a chair, displaying few emotions, yawning, sighing and looking at the floor when not egnaged. Family members of the women say they feel sick to their stomachs to hear him speak and watch hm in the courtroom. He has maintained his innocence in spite of damning statements made to the interrogator's, other statements made by a couple of his friends, and the girsly evidence they've found on his farm.

Teams of forensic specialists, anthropologists, entomologists and blood-splatter experts and the best police in the province have worked on the case for the last five years. When Piggy was told this he didn't seem impressed.
At one point in the interview he blubbers and cries and says "I'm sorry ...if I can take my life for any one of thes people..." Yet he steadfastly maintains his innocence even when shown the photos of his blood-splattered hom and gory stains on his bed.
"I'm tellin' you the honest truth," he says. "I don't know nothin' about this." He is incredulous when told he's in the papers, a media celebrity.
"You're a big media celebrity ...like Osama bin Laden! Everybody knows who you are," the interrogator tells him.
"Shit!" says the Pig Man.

"He harms himself who does harm to another, and the evil plan is most harmful to the planner."
Hesiod l 265

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