Monday, January 29, 2007


"I'm a bad dude" is an understatement. This case truly is "the heart of darkness". These women, helpless, lost, drug addicted and desperate were lured to the pig farm and slaughtered.
We have to remember them. We see them every day walking the streets of the downtown east side. How did they get there? Where did they come from? Who are they? I know of people who knew them. I know of girls who might have become his victims. Being a woman, though more fortunate than they were, I know how vulnerable they were.

Two young women who I've known since birth, could have easily ended up on Piggy's farm. Both were seduced into drugs when still in their young teens and before they knew it were lost in that deadly maze of addiction. It was a long, desperate struggle, heartbreaking and sometimes hopeless, but their families would not give up hope. Finally, with help of support groups like Narcotics Anonymous and rehab, one of them has been 'clean' now for six years. The other, weaned off the methadone program, is with a partner and just had a baby. It can be done, but it's along, hard struggle. And the problem is, there aren't enough detox centres or rehab shelters for these women. There isn't even enough safe affordable housing for them to help them get off the street. So a man comes along (often a 'john') offers them drugs, money, who knows what else? And off they go with him...never to be seen alive again.
Remember these women. They might have been your sisters, mothers, daughters, friends...

More about Pigtown Jan 25/07
In court today, more of the video interrogation. Pickton said: "I should be on death row. I'm finished, finished. I'm dead."
More of the interviews with the pig farmer with the police interrogator. And it included a cryptic quote from a friend of his who said Pickton had told him
"A good way to kill prostitutes is with windshield wiper fluid."
The missing women, 26 of whom he is accused of killing, left collectively 100 children behind as well as grieving families and friends. Marnie Frey was murdered on her birthday. Serena A. was also killed around her birthday.
One of the girls was very young, very hopeful...None of them deserved to die this way.
If there's one thing that has been brought forward in the public eye it is the problems in the Downtown East Side. And yet nothing much is being done to improve the situation there, providing housing, safety on the streets, detox centres. The street women of the DTES are discriminated against. This is why 60 of them went missing before anything was done to find them. By then, for most, it was too late.
As one said tonight on the TV news:
"We all live, breath and want like everyone else." To me, that was the most poignant and powerful statement.

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