Sunday, March 09, 2008


This is me indulging in my favorite Thursday noon past-time on the Art Gallery bench.

There was a story in the paper last week that someone in City Council is lobbying to have the laws changed for street vendors -- that the good old hot-dog stands have to start serving more 'nutritious' food. Here we go again...first the perfume police scolding you if you dare scent yourself up, now the food police telling us what we should be eating! Every Thursday noon when I'm coming home up Robson St. from my Memoir class, I stop at the vendors and buy a Smokie, with fried onions and sauerkraut with a few dill pickles for trim; an iced tea and a little bag of chips which I may or may not eat right then, likely will save for later. This is my lunch-time snack. I sit on the cement bench of the Art Gallery at the corner across the street and enjoy my lunch while people-watching. Sometimes there are even street entertainers to provide some music or magic while I relax and have my delicious lunch. If I wanted a banana or an apple, I'd likely have brought one from home in my back-pack. If I want to buy fruit, I'll get it at the corner grocery. Or, if they really want to do a good deed to the folks who buy street food, they might consider fruit carts as well as hot-dog stands. But I don't think the hot-dog stands need to be selling fruit and 'nutritious' foods. Anyway, what's not 'nutritious' about an all-beef Smokie wiener, or a turkey hot-dog?

Really, all this 'political correctness' and do-gooding is going a bit far these days. I can agree with taking junk food out of the school (although the kids will get it anyway, at the corner store or local fast-food place). I also agree with the banning of trans-fats and anything else like that which is detrimental to a person's health. But please...don't take away my Smokies and sauerkraut!

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