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We all have our New Years Resolutions, and some of us actually attempt to follow them. Mine are usually the same two: Finish my novel and Diet/Exercise (lose some pounds and get fit!) And this year is no different only I am much, much closer to finishing the novel (in the back stretch now) and I have decided to try a whole new program of eating and losing weight. A friend of mine and her office mates have all been on the GI Diet, a sensible eating plan that has shown such terrific results. (I've never seen my friend looking so good in all the years I've known her). It really inspired me to see the results and also to recieve 5 large bags of beautiful clothing all top quality, stylish and hardly even worn, from one of her office mates who had lost so much weight she had to buy a new wardrobe. So this week I decided to get on the band-wagon and join the GIs too.

It's really not difficult, in particular since I'm usually always following menus from South Beach or Weight Watchers. So first I cleared out the fridge from all the tempting Christmas left overs (such as chocolate and chip dips) and my cupboards too (had to hide the peanut butter but I'll buy some of the kind you can eat).
The book my friend loaned me is excellent and easy to read and follow. Simply eat green. That is, everything from the 'green' list. You'll notice in the photo I am holding a glass of wine. Well, the wine has got to go now until I lose some weight and then a glass with dinner will be OK. Being the social butterfly that I am, that might be one of the difficult points to follow. But the thing is, not to beat yourself up. This is mainly a glucose index guide kind of diet and as long as you stay on track 90% of the time you should be OK.

The moment of truth came when I had to take my Body Mass Index. Yikes! I was two points over into obesity. Not good! And then....a worse shock...was actually measuring myself. You'll see in the photo I don't look too 'obese'. But you have to get a load of the side view. Not good, in fact, very BAD! But that 'shock' was enough to make me realize that things are worse than I was trying to tell myself and it was definitely time for some serious action.

After being housebound for weeks due to excessive snow, we are finally able to get out and about and this week I got back to waterfit again and was actually able to walk without fear of falling and breaking a hip. I can hardly wait til it's a nice day and I can go for one of my really LONG walks. And I have no excuse about missing waterfit now as the pool located nearer to my h ome has waterfit every day and twice a week at night. It's getting to the gym that might pose a challenge unless I force myself. And my wallet is full of gym tickets from last year that went unused as I was too lazy or busy to get myself there. This has to change!

I'll post occasion blogs here about my progress as a means of keeping myself on track and encouraging others who might be doing the same thing.
Trouble is, what do I do with this wonderful new wardrobe once I shrink down a size or two??? Well at least I know everything will look a heck of a lot better on me!
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