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Sunday, January 04, 2009



It's snowing!
It's snowing!
It's snowing everywhere.
Whirling and twirling
and swirling down.
It's snowing!
It's snowing, everywhere!

It really is. And it's been snowing non-stop is seems (well, a bit of respite with rain in between) for weeks! For the Pacific West Coast this is an unusual abundance of the white stuff and we're all wish it would just go away. As fast the weatherman predicts rain, and it does rain and melt the white stuff into slush, then it freezes over and the flurries start again. Bring out the dog sleds and skis! The roads and sidewalks are treacherous. The city crews haven't been clearing the side roads and a lot of people can't be bothered shoveling like they should do so it makes everything impassible. I've hardly been out anywhere in the past few weeks because it's too risky. Even getting on and off buses has been difficult as there are high banks on snow on the sides of the roads, they haven't cleared paths to the buses and you are in danger of falling getting on and off. I heard a story yesterday about a guy who slipped right under the wheels of the bus. Fortunately the driver saw him and didn't pull away. And a lot of people (not just the elderly) are falling and breaking bones. So far (touch wood!) I've been very lucky. But that's why I've not been going anywhere unless necessary, because it's not worth it slipping and sliding and when it starts melting, sloshing through ankle deep ice water and slush. Enough is enough!


After the first big snowfall I was worried about the weight of it on my balcony, so I built a little snowman. He lasted a few days til the rain came, then he slowly melted away. But it was fun to do and he was cute, with a date for a nose, and candies for eyes and mouth. Don't you think he's a handsome snow fellow?


I have been wanting to make a snow angel but was afraid if I got down on the ground I'd not be able to get up and I'd be stuck there and they'd find me in the morning frozen in the snow bank. (Not too impossible as a couple of dear old ladies have gone outside and been found later frozen to death). Anyway last night coming home by the park I simply couldn't resist any longer. So I put down my bags and laid down and made an angel. Not a very good one as I was afraid to take my feet off the sidewalk just in case. But I think you can see the outline there: head, wings and billowing angel dress. I've always been a kid at heart!
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