Tuesday, January 10, 2006


TUESDAY, January 10/06

Perhaps it was that shiney new lucky penny that I picked up on my way to the pool this morning. Whatever, the day has turned out to be full of magic so far. In spite of the on-going rain (almost a record rainfall since 1953) the sun broke through briefly but again, gray skies and gloom, however the events of the day so far have brought some respite. First I bumped into my Havana Buddy unexpectedly on the Drive. I was going up to have a latte at the Calabria but decided instead to go home and on the way picked up some milk so I could make my own coffee. Just stepped out of the store and a thought crossed my mind as to when I would next bump into that lovely Frenchman. No sooner had the thought formulated than I looked up and there he was coming up the street! Talk about magic!

We had our usual hugs and pleasant chat. He's leaving for France next week to visit his mother for 3 weeks. Then I got home to find my yearly bus pass had arrived. (Yay! Now I am not confined to waking or staying home as I had just run out of tickets and had no money to purchase more). Also in the mail was an application from the school board to apply for a summer school instructor's job (I'm applying to teach creative writing). If I could land that it would solve the usual problem of unemployment for the summer months. Wouldn't that be dandy?)

Then I noticed a phone message and it was my dear friend George calling from California so I returned the call and we talked for a long time. That was another very pleasant surprise.

In all, I feel like I'm on a lucky roll. So perhaps I'll apply some of that good will and good fortune to my writing and see if I have any luck with the next chapter segement of the novel.

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mompoet said...

Hooray! Don't you just love days like that? Here's hoping your road is strewn with daisies, sunbeams and more lucky pennies!