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Friday, January 27, 2006


FRIDAY, Jan. 27/06
I've been "tagged" by Sam for the number 7 game. So here goes:

7 Things to do before I die:
Climb at least part of Mt. Olympus (in Greece)
Visit the Cook Islands
Visit Buenos Aires Argentina
Lose 40 pounds (haha!)
Catch up with all the reading I'm behind in.
Find a man who won't break my heart (one way or another).
Earn a whole pile of money (another haha)

7 Things I can't do
Climb Mt. Everest (or probably even visit Nepal now)
Travel anywhere I want to at the drop of a hat!
Do math without counting on my fingers.
Run a marathon
Be a triathalon athelete
Visit ancient Babylon (in Iraq)
Visit the sites of ancient Persia (in Iran)

7 things that attract me to men * if you're a man and I tagged you change that to 'women'
Nice butts and abs
sexy eyes
a lovely smile
a sensuous voice
hands that are warm and give a nice gentle touch
the mouth, the kiss, the words they speak...
A bright, intellectual, interesting mind

7 things I say most often
Oh well!
You've gotta be kidding!
Broke again!
What is there to eat?

7 books or series I love
Fire From Heaven (Mary Renault)
The Persian Boy (Mary Renault)
The King Must Die (Mary Renault)
The Bull From the Sea (Mary Renault)
The Mask of Apollo (Mary Renault)
Gates of Fire (Steven Pressfield) (and all his others too!)
Captain Corelli's Mandolin (Louis de Bernieres)
***There's lots more, including "The Synonym Finder" and "Webster's Ninth New College Dictionary)

7 movies or series I can watch multiple times
Shirley Valentine
The Odyssey
Alexander the Great (Oliver Stone's version)
Othello (or anything Shakespeare)
The Sheltering Sky
NYPD Blue (tv series)
Sex and the City (tv series)

7 people I want to join in the game. (Tagged! You're it!)

1 comment:

Gabriele C. said...

Hi Wynn,
I already did a very similar meme back in December.