Thursday, January 05, 2006


THURSDAY, Jan. 5, 2006

Here we are in 2006, another New Year. After my lovely weekend with cousins, I came back to town and decided to start off the week getting back on track, trying to stay positive in spite of serious financial difficulties, and to do so started making positive plans for my trip in March as well as other things. I have investigated the immunizations we will need and will make an appt. with the travel immunization clinic doctor to check re the Hep A/B and malaria meds.
I went to my own doctor yesterday and had an updated DPT shot. While there we talked about A. because he had been a patient at that clinic and well t hought of. I told her how how it has been for me getting over the trauma of watching him die, and the grief. It was good to talk and I'm glad I did though I'd at first not really wanted to see this young doctor. She hasn't instilled a lot of confidence in me in the past. But yesterday she lent a sympathetic ear which was helpful.

The hotel is arranged for our extended stay at the Lagoon Resort on Langkawi. I'll soon write another travel blog with updates on my travel blog site:

Last night I was invited out by my Havana Buddy to go see my son's band play. That made for a pleasant evening. He's a great guy, my Buddy, and has been supportive and helpful to me.

Tomorrow I'm going to get the passport renewed. That was weighing heavily on my mind but thanks to a loan from HB I am able to get it done.

Today I went to waterfit even though I'd much rather have spend the morning in bed. A cold, wet, gray day. But I was glad I went and swam some lengths as well which made me feel better. I need to increase my daily aerobics and exercise activity. I even managed to get my strip of gym tickets so now I can go back to the weight room next week. I've become lazy and my poor old body is suffering as a result. And I think the exercise will be good for my depression and uplift my spirits as well as energy. Wish I could go join Weight Watchers too, but I can't afford to right now.

There's still some business to take care of next week and I haven't figured out how to do it as I need some more cash to see me through til my clases start in the mid-month. But, somehow it will all work out. It always does. Somebody up there likes me and is watching out for me. So perhaps there will be some more pennies from heaven falling soon.

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