Saturday, March 04, 2006


SATURDAY, March 4/06

Another prompt exercise my Memoir class has done is one where you compare yourself to an inanimate object. The results of this exercise (written in 10 minutes) were amusing and unique. Usually when the people in the class are writing their 'prompt' I do one also. So here's the one I wrote for COMPARE YOURSELF TO AN INANIMATE OBJECT:

I am a book. My cover is illustrated with an appealing and pleasantly colourful illustration invoking the curiosity of the reader. On each page there are words, poetically written, sometimes humorous, often intense and dramatic, occasionally even dark, morous, sad.
In between the narratives are pages of coloured illustrations, photographs of childhood memories, school days, travel adventures, family photos. Most are filled with pictures of happy smiling people, women and girls stylishly dressed, handsome and sometimes exotic men. In the many photographs of travel there are pictures of camping trips, summers at the cottage, journies to exotic places like Mexico, Central America, Europe, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, and Cuba and many trips to Englandand Wales which include photos of cousins and friends. There are other pictures too, of life in different parts of Canada and visits to U.S. (mostly California).
I am a book. I hold untold stories, stories of historical significance, tales of a memorable childhood and a remarkable adult life. I am a book. Keep reading me and perhaps I'll reveal unimaginable secrets.
Try this excercise yourself. You can imagine yourself to be any inanimate object that you like: a fan, a car tire, a warm fuzzy blanket, a champagne glass. The possibilities are endless!

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