Monday, February 27, 2006


MONDAY, Feb 27/06

Last week my Memoir group's assignment was to imagine two or more sides of yourself as distinct characters each with reasons to be angry with or love and need the other part. The results were both interesting and amusing. I decided to try one myself and this is the conversation I had with me and my alter-ego all day yesterday.

ACT ONE: TIME: 9 a.m. PLACE: In the bedroom

WYNN: Okay, I know it's Sunday but you've slept in long enough. There's lots to do today
and it's time to get up.

RUTHAKI: Mmmmm...I don't feel too good...

WYNN: Honestly, why do you do such stupid things! You know if you drink any more than
three of whatever you're going to feel rotten in the morning.

RUTHAKI: I know, I should have come home early. But it was Carlito's birthday...

WYNN: You're so stupid!

RUTHAKI: Don't call me stupid. Maybe I'm foolish sometimes, but not stupid.

WYNN: You are! Now get up!

RUTHAKI: Aaagh...Maybe you're right. I shouldn't have had that fourth spritzer...

WYNN: After being at the Cottage Bistro half the afternoon you ought to know better...

RUTHAKI: Oh well, it was a special evening.

WYNN: Yes, and tonight's a special evening too. Remember? You've invited people for
a Moroccan dinner party so you better get with it.

RUTHAKI: Okay. I'm up now. I'll feel better once I've had some breakfast. And please, don't
call me stupid any more!

WYNN: Okay. Well smarten up then. You're not twenty-five or even forty any more!

ACT TWO: TIME: Noon. PLACE: On the Drive

RUTHAKI: I wish I had more energy. This cold weather saps your strength. I get tired just
trying to stay warm.

WYNN: It's not that cold today. But I agree. And you've been tired all weekend. But you
just had to go and overdo it again, didn't you?

RUTHAKI: I do pretty well for someone my age.

WYNN: Yea, yea. I know. Always the party girl!

RUTHAKI: I have to admit, I'm not really in the mood to prepare this dinner party. I don't
even know who's coming, except the guys both confirmed with me.

WYNN: should have phoned Astarte during the week. And you waited til the
last minute to invite Vicklyn.

RUTHAKI: You're right. I should have phoned Astarte when she didn't reply to my email.

WYNN: Anyway, lets finish the shopping and get home. You can always have a nap once
you get things prepared.

RUTHAKI: Maybe it was a bad idea to have this dinner party. Buying all the extra groceries...

WYNN: And that's another thing. What happened to that budget you so carefully worked out
last week? You already spent way over the last two nights.

RUTHAKI: I know. I'll never learn will I? But I thought I had it all figured out.

WYNN: Sure, another stupid oversight. Now how in hell are you going to buy those U.S.
traveler's cheques for your trip?

RUTHAKI: I know, I know! I totally forgot to calculate for the utilities and phone bill!

WYNN: When will you ever learn?

RUTHAKI: When will I ever have enough money to cover all bases? I'm sick of being
broke all the time. I stayed home all last week because I was penniless.

WYNN: Well there's no use getting all stressed out over it. You always squeak by in the end.
And there are those cheques still to come in. But still, you need to use your brain...

RUTHAKI: I'm not stupid. Just mathmatetically challenged...

WYNN: Saving money never was your forte.

RUTHAKI: I'm not going to worry about it. Everything will come together one way or
another. And by the way...I've figured out why I felt sick this morning...I didn't
eat supper yesterday. Remember that? I had that big lunch that Anne's daughter
made for us. Then at the Cottage I couldn't eat, so I just had some tofu with the

WYNN: Stop making excuses for your excesses. How many jugs did you gals go through?

RUTHAKI: You know it's always an extravaganza when I'm out with Cheryl and Judy.

WYNN: Right. Then of course Iva and Jeff came too so it was a special event. And hearing
Steve play all those all those tunes he's written for the new CD was cause for

RUTHAKI: I did have a nap before going to the Latin Quarter with Iva and Jeff.

WYNN: And you had the good intentions of coming home early.

RUTHAKI: But I decided to stay and wait til Carlito arrived so I could wish him
"Feliz compleanos".

WYNN: It was fun dancing and talking to your friends. But really... was the fourth
spritzer necessary?

RUTHAKI: Okay, okay! I agree. Live and learn, eh?

ACT THREE: TIME: 11 p.m. PLACE: My apartment

WYNN: Honestly, I don't know how you do it. That was a magnificent dinner!

RUTHAKI: Trouble was, I didn't have the appetite to enjoy it. It was exhausting preparing
everything, and disappointing neither of the women could come. I really
should have phoned Astarte earlier to confirm. And Vicklyn was sick.

WYNN: Oh well...Just think of it...You and your two guy friends...That gorgeous Babylonian
and your long-time good friend George. What more could a single gal ask for?
There you were, the elder of your friends, entertaining two fascinating men.
You're amazing Ruthaki!

RUTHAKI: One has a reputation to keep up!

WYNN: And you didn't overdo it tonight either! Good for you! Now let's get to bed early
because you must get some writing done tomorrow.

RUTHAKI: Yea..and all those other Monday chores too....But hey! at least I didn't have to
clean up after dinner. George always loves doing the dishes. I'm grateful for that.

WYNN: You're lucky to have such nice men friends. And really, I should quit calling you
stupid. 'Cause really, you're not.

RUTHAKI: I know that. I just get carried away when I'm having so much fun.

WYNN: That's you. Always the party girl! You rock, Ruthaki!


Sam said...

How funny!!!!
well done - you've made it sound like two different people (or twin sisters ragging at each other, lol)

Wynn Bexton said...

I'm always talking to myself (me and my alter-ego) so this was fun actually writing down the dialogue (and yes, I really was going on like this all day Sunday!)
Guess it could be "The Twins" cause I'm a Gemini!