Saturday, February 18, 2006



Earlier this week I was at the swimming pool doing waterfit. I noticed then that my rings were loose and worried about that. Later that day I realized my favorite little dolphin ring was missing off my finger. It's a clasp-around ring, silver, with two dolphins facing each other. It compliments another ring, silver with the Greek key-design, that my friend Ingrid bought me last summer when we were on the island of Kefalonia. My dolphin ring is also from Greece.
I thought perhaps I'd dropped it around the apartment, scoured everywhere but couldn't find it. Yesterday I asked at the fitness centre if anyone had turned it in, but they hadn't. My left hand ring finger has felt naked all week and I worried that losing the dolphins (a good luck symbol) was a bad omen.

Then today I was rooting around in my backpack, cleaning it out, looking for loose coins, and spied a little glint of silver. My ring! hand and I are so happy to have it back! Funny, isn't it, how you can be so sentimentally attached to something that hasn't much monetary value but a great deal of sentimentality. I have this thing for dolphins and Greece and it meant a lot to me though it's probably not worth more than $10.

Part of my mind has been in Greece this past week, partly due to my writing and also because I knew this weekend Patrick would be flying there for a quick visit with our mutual friend Dinaz. So I was so pleased this morning when they phoned me, first Dinaz's sweet cheerful voice, then Patrick's. They had been walking around the Pnyx and Agora yesterday. I told them I have been there too, this week, writing part of my novel that takes place there. In fact, last summer Patrick and I had gone up around that whole area so I could make setting detail notes. So they said they'd go back again Sunday, and take me with them. Oh, how I wish I could be there. But I have Malaysia coming up and that's pretty exciting too.

So the ring is back and I think it brings the luck with it. Hopefully this will be a fruitful week of writing (and mentally cruising around ancient Athens). Dolphins are a strong symbol of luck and happiness.

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