Saturday, February 11, 2006


SATURDAY, Feb 11/06

"I don't want beautiful dreams. I want beautiful realities."
George Bernard Shaw "Fanny's First Play"

I was going to stay home last night. Then my friend V. called and suggested we meet at the L.Q. I didn't expect much to be happening (as it hasn't, these past weekends). However, a big surprise when I arrived.

I was shown a seat at the bar and guess who was sitting there next to me? The lovely Frenchman, J.P., just returned from his holiday in France. I was flabbergasted! Didn't expect to see him at all let alone sit beside him all night and then (*sigh*) have him walk me all the way home! I thought this morning, though, how slow on the up-take I am. I should have invited him in for some hot chocolate and Napoleon brandy. He enjoys talking and we were having such a good conversation all night long, except the music was so loud at the bistro it was difficult to hear everything he was telling me.

On the way home we passed A's old apartment and I was explaining to him about A and me, and how he died, my feelings and everything that has happened since. He was a very symathetic listener. He is a wonderful, kind person and one I consider to be like a 'guardian angel' because every time we've met he has done kind things for me, and is such a gentle man.

So when I got home, what did I do? Had a hot chocolate and brandy night-cap and ate a couple of those special chocolates Patrick had sent me from Germany. I expected to have nightmares from the chocolate (it happens!) but instead I slept fairly well. Woke up thinking of J.P. and wondering when we'll meet again. If it's destined, it will happen, but I'd sure like to get to know him even better and spend more private time with him.

There is definitely an upswing in events this past week. I've been getting extra offers of writing-related work, my classes are going super well, the SUN has actually been shining ALL WEEK! YAY! and then all these other great things, unexpected happenings. And yesterday,(to start the day off right!) I received my tickets and hotel vouchers for Malaysia. What more could I ask for to top off the week?

Today is also a promising day. J.C. said he might show up at the LQ tonight - maybe --but he's going out to another music bar with his son and I'm going to a media reception put on by tourism New Zealand. First, an art show, then a reception and dinner at a posh hotel downtown. Wow! I wonder if I'm lucky enough to schmooze a free trip to N.Z. It's a destination I've always wanted to visit.

You never know about dreams. Some of them actually do turn into realities!

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Debra Young said...

It's a joy when good things happen and you can say you've had a wonderful day! I hd a nice thing happen on Valentine's Day--I won a dozen beautiful, long-stemmed roses in a drawing. :))

Hope something nice happens for you with J.P. too. d:)