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Wednesday, April 19, 2006



"What made us
friends in the long ago
When first we met?
Well, I think I know!
The best in me
and the best in you
hailed each other
because they knew
that always and always
since life began
our being friends
was part of God's plan."

I found this verse on a fridge magnet at Iva's house last weekend. I was spending the Easter weekend with my friend Anibal's daughters. This verse, to me, defined exactly what our friendship had been. There were many times when I was angry with A. and yet we always made up and I was with him right to the end. And the week before he passed away he told me that he really did love me and had had a feeling for me since he first met me. I felt the same way. Somehow we had seen through each other, into our souls, and made a connection there that couldn't be broken. And now I can also see what 'God's plan' was: I have become good friends with his children, grandchildren and ex-wife. His daughters and grandchildren have become my 'adopted' family.

So Easter was special this year because I spent it with them, reminiscing about their father, walking on the woodland trails where he used to go on adventures with his grandchildren, or alone to meditate and write. I went to church with them and shared the fellowship of their neighbourhood congregation. We talked about their Dad and remembered him in stories. I felt he was there with us and was happy that I was there with his girls and grandchildren.

Later, on Sunday I went to my son's house for dinner and my Havana Buddy came along too. It was a nice gathering, with a lot of music talk and watching music videos as both Steve and Paul are involved in music.

Monday I rested up because I felt very tired all weekend and had a busy week ahead. But later in the day I went to my pal Cliffy's for dinner and a rare evening just sitting around together visiting.

So it was a very special Easter with friends and family. Too bad the weather isn't nicer. Still so cold and wet for this time of year. (April showers go away, come again another day!)

Now is my busy time: lessons, daycare work and trying to squeeze in some writing time.


mompoet said...

Hey their friend! Sounds like Easter was a time of re-birth for you, as Easter usually is in one way or another. I am glad that God's plan was revealed in such a reassuring way. Hope to see you soon.
mompoet aka sue mc

Suburban Hen said...

Hello! This is my reminder service reminding you that I still read you blog, despite the lack of commenting on my part.
This service is brought to you by the letter y and the number 11.