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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


TUESDAY, April 11

I've had a bit of success with the bird since I've changed my tactics and put him on a more structured program of discipline. That is allowing him more cage time each day. It has helped that the weather is improving and I can put him outside on the balcony. He still makes a lot of noise but part of it is because he hears all the wild birds. I've also found the last two evenings that when I put his cage in my bedroom (because I had writer's groups over) he settles down and if I am working at the computer while he's in the cage he doesn't make so much fuss. (He also sleeps in later now I'm covering him with a heavy black cloth. The early and late daylight hours have him confused regarding nesting times.)

He hasn't been so much of a pest although I still want him to quit following me around the apartment and get him to be more independant. He does like waddling around on the floor foraging and if I keep him busy with treats to eat he's quite happy. I bought him a lot of different treats to have in his cage so he doesn't think cage time is a 'punishment'.

The bird sanctuary woman said that cockatiels will shriek for long periods of time to show their displeasure and I realize he was pretty traumatized not only by me taking him away to a stranger's house, but because I was so cross with him I was swatting him and yelling. This upset him more.

I just hope he's going to be okay on the weekend when I have to be away. A friend promised to come around and spend time with him so that might work. But he does carry on vocally when I leave the apartment and I am sure the neighbours are not amused! I've thought of getting him a companion bird. But when I go away who will look after them? This whole bird business has become a huge dilemma.

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