Sunday, April 30, 2006


SUNDAY, April 30

The last day of April. Where or where is Spring? We've had very few sunny days so far (today it's turned out to be one of them) mostly cold rain and still too cold to wear light Spring clothing. I'm so looking forward to putting away my winter coat and dark clothing. And in prepration for the eventual Big Day (the 'real' Spring weather!) I have been on a couple of shopping sprees. This is an indulgence I haven't been able to afford for quite some time so it's been a pleasure to actually have cash to spend and being used to frugalness I am always on the look-out for bargains.

Last week I spotted a buy-one-get-one- pair-half-price at the Pay Less shoe store. I usually go into the store every Thursday after my Memoir class just to browse and drool over shoes I'd love to buy but usually can't afford (although the other week I did get a pair of pale green sandals). Well, this week I ended up buying four pairs of summer shoes (mainly because I couldn't make up my mind which ones I really wanted). I had gone in the store with the intention of getting a snazzy pair of white thong sandals with pretty turquoises on the strap. As it was a sale, I also chose a pair of powder blue shoes with rounded toes and ankle straps that look quite snazzy with my jeans (and happen to match my summer purse). Then I saw some pink dancing shoes and another pair with gold straps. I bought them both. So now I have this huge shoe wardrobe and I think my shoe fetish has been satisfied for the time being.

Now I'm waiting for the right weather so I can wear them with my light pastel-coloured spring/summer clothes. So yesterday I went and got a new pair of jeans with sparkles on the bum pockets, two silky sleeveless tops (one mauve, one pale green) and some spiffy new underwear. As soon as I lose some weight I'll purchase a couple of summer skirts.

Yes...the weight issue. I finally went and joined Weight Watchers yesterday too. (At last I was able to afford to do this!) So now I must also resume my exercise regime which has been sadly neglected since I returned from Malaysia due to work committments. (At least I walk a lot and go dancing on the weekends so I'm not entirely sedintary.)

So...SPRING TIME! Where are you? Let's bring on more of the warm sunshine. We're all quite water-logged about now and tired of being cold all the time. I want to put on my pretty new shoes and go walking in the sunshine!


mompoet said...

hey wb
I just splurged on two new pairs of summer shoes too. Don't you love all the colours this season? Somewhere in a secret hideout, there is a mega-brain shoe junkie, inventing shoes to feed our habits and keep us hooked. No matter what your hair, hips or heart are doing, there are always shoooooooz!

Wynn Bexton said...

This spring/summer I'm buying the clothes to match the shoes! Just joined WW so I will reward myself with various items as I lose the weight. At least your feet stay about the same!