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Monday, April 2/07

One thing I find interesting is the way investigations are carried out these days -- all the high-tech stuff, DNA etc. Imagine how it was in the 'olden' days (not that long ago) and think about how many people might have been wrongly convicted because they didn't have these slick methods of detecting things. They have done a couple of years of research and testing on evidence from the Pickton farm and each day the court is in session you hear more testimony from witnesses who collected and tested this evidence. Here's last week's reports:

Evidence continued regarding exhibits found on the Pickton farm including lint from the dryer, fingernails and other minute fragments which were all tested for DNA. More evidence was also found in the three story farmhouse where Pickton's brother lived. Light sensors were used in the framhouse to locate stains (such as blood), hairs and fingerprints. Several items were found in Dave Pickton's bedroom including sex toys, lubricants, restraints and a rifle. The Defence has focused on Dave Pickton as well as several other individuals who had access to the farm where the Crown alleges the six victims were killed. Dave Pickton has not been charged in the case but has been extensively investigated by the RCMP task force. Willie Pickton admits that the remains of the six women were found on his property but he denies killing them.

Another person of interest investigated and not charged, a person by the name of Pat Casanvoa, a friend of Pickton's, had a band saw seized from his property and checked for DNA, blood and tissues samples. A suspicious waxy-fatty substance was found on the saw. He has also not been charged in the case.

A number of items were found in Pickton's workshop, some in a duffle bag, which contained guns, jewelry, leg irons, handcuffs and some DNA from these match the profile of victim Brenda Wolfe. A number of other items were seized from Pickton's slaughterhouse including plexiglass with blood splatters on it and a clump of blonde hair found in an orange plastic bag. (Victim Andrea Joesbury was a blonde.)

Some of the exhibits tested have not had the results determined as yet and will no doubt be brought up later on in the trial.

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