Thursday, April 19, 2007


You read the details in the news about that mentally troubled young man who wrecked such havoc on the Virginia campus and you just can't comprehend it at all. Who would have imagined, in spite of the warning signs, the many red flags, the times he was sent for psychiatric treatments, that he would still be on the loose and create such a horrific deed. I shake my head and wonder...

United States is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. (Probably Iraq is worse at the moment. Much of it caused by who???) If I lived down there I'd be bailing out fast. It's bad enough here but at least we have gun laws though with the easiness to obtain them across the border it's creating more problems here.

I can hardly bear to read the news these days what with daily mass bombings in Iraq and now this horrible carnage of innocents on a college campus. What's next? Is there no end to his? It seems each year it gets worse and worse. This is like the decline of an Empire, the corruption and violence and utter degredation that is happening in USA.

Who are the young people's role models? Those hedonistic druggies like Paris Hilton and Britany Spears?What has become of the morals in that country? Why is violence such a big selling commodity. (just check out most TV shows and movies these days!) No wonder the fundamentalist Muslims have so much fodder for their anti-American rants. Where is the respect for life? the respect for family? the respect for our brothers and sisters?

I have been writing about the Pig Farmer but even that is sickening me. And this unbelievable event is the last straw.

I can't bear to write about this hideous stuff any more. So unless there are some outstanding turns of events in the Pig Farmer case I'm switching gears and not going to post anything about it. The whole state of things in the world is horrifying. How can people turn on other human beings in that way? What is happening to us?

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