Sunday, April 15, 2007


Who really committed this gruesome crime? It seems more certain all the time that Willie did not act alone. The more DNA evidence that is presented in court, the more it ties to other persons besides Willie. It seems obvious he was not the lone mastermind or exector. Several of the DNA samples point to Pickton's friends. The police deny the Hells Angels were involved. But there are still those rumours that have abounded since this case first broke. And now, more than ever, evidence points to other people who were known to frequent the pig farmer's property.

APRIL 11 "Victim's DNA found on see-through top, jury hears." The defence points to DNA of friends of Pickton found on several items.
APRIL 12 "The list of items bearing DNA of missing women grows."

An RCMP lab worker testified that 30 more items including a mattress and blood stains contained DNA of thre eo fhte missing women; some also contained Pickton's DNA but some of the items, such as a dildo attached to a revolver contained more than one person's DNA and "Pickton was a minor contributor".

It is known that other people frequented the farm and more than three other men's DNA were found inside Pickton's motorhome. One man in particular, Pickton's close friend Pat Cassanova's DNA has been found on several places along with stains belonging to one victim as well as on the freeze where body parts were found and in the workshop. A rosary positively identified a belonging to one of the victim's also had DNA on it of a woman, Dinah Taylor, who was known to frquent the farm. Neither Taylor nor Cassanova have been charged although police say they are still under investigation.

Pickton agrees that the remains found on his farm were those of the missing women, but he denies killing them and has pleaded not guilty. He is facing 26 counts of first degree murder. Only six of those charges are being tried at the present time.

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