Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Wow! The weather is finally hot! And I promised God I wouldn't complain if it was too hot, because we've had so many months of cold wet weather. It's such a relief to feel the sun on one's body and know that perhaps now summer will eventually arrive. Enough, already, with the rain!

My bird is happy. He's out on the balcony calling to his wild bird friends. I'm getting him used to more cage time (he so spoiled!) and it's good for him to be outdoors.

Life is good. I just won another trip: a plane trip for two to NY City plus city tours. This was again the door prize at the travel writer's seminar on Saturday. I was so shocked at winning, I still find it hard to believe. I asked my friend who went to the gala with me if she'd like to go so today we talked about possible dates, looking at the first week in September. It will be a short trip, just to take in some shows and see the sights. It's been years since I was in N.Y. and I never dreamed I'd return there. This trip is a bonus, because I had just booked my flights to Chile a few days before that. So it's turning into a busy year of travel. But that's okay as it suits my gypsy soul!

Only thing is, I'll have to conjur up some extra work during the summer to save up some spending money for my adventures. So I'm going to try having a private workshop for a few weeks in summer and hopefully might land some daycare work too. Also must get busy writing more articles and sending them out. I'm terrifically inspired right now and feel like I'm on a roll. Maybe I need to go out and buy some lottery tickets!

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