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Friday, May 26, 2006



Sam posted on her blog all the stuff that's on her desk and it got me to notice exactly how cluttered mine is. To list a few of the things:

A mug with the dregs of some mint tea
Two pen holders - one a ceramic made by my daughter and one a souvenier of Greece both holding numerous pens (many of which are not in working order) also a long, slim paint brush, hole punch.
A small cute ornament of a kid riding a bike with a dog in his bike basket.
Four boxes of floppies.
A tin of paper clips
Various note pads and post-it-notes
two packets of photos
an unused CD rom
a paper napkin and CD cleaner cloth
A small date book and an address book containing email addresses.
A used kleenex
3 pens (1 red for editing) and a box with a souvenier pen from Torrino Italy
I have 2 shelves both stacked with assorted small note books, pages of MSS, computer books, class phone numbers and emails, a 3-hole paper punch. Empty ink cartridge box. Lots of other stuff buried under the junk.
Also on the desk is a large lamp with a silver base.

Time to clean out the clutter (which I usually do at the beginning over each writing marathon. I find it distracting to work with too much junk around. Maybe that's why I haven't been getting so much done lately??

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