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Tuesday, May 23, 2006



I chose this colour as it reminds me of the sea in Greece and I am having a major homesick attack for those lovely Aegaen shores. I love the beach and swimming. Yesterday I was amazed to watch that adorable little 7 year old boy swim from Alcatraz to the mainland shore, an outstanding feat for anyone and especially one so young. And such a lovely child. I was impressed by his self-assuredness in the interviews and his aspirations to swim the English Channel. Way to go, Kid! It's so refreshing to see young people (especially a youngster like him!) achieving such daunting goals.

As much as I have always loved to swim, I've never been a strong swimmer but a very buoyant one who can stay afloat for ages in the water. I long for the summer days when I can head downtown to the Second Beach pool (the water's this colour!) and float about like a cork, looking up at the clear blue sky and dreaming that I am actually floating in the sea off some Greek island.

This morning I went to waterfit. The Italian mermaids were absent so there wasn't the usual chit-chat and merry singing in the pool. It's always a good workout first thing in the morning, although the instructor we had last week is a far better instructor and the workout was much more strenuous. Afterwards I swim my usual four laps. I should push myself to increase the number but will as the season progresses and I get myself back into better shape. After the swim and the exercise, a soak in the hot-tub. Nice way to start the morning. I usually go twice a week but for now I am teaching Thursday mornings so much miss it. However, soon it will be beach weather here (when? I don't know it's raining again!) But, eventually...

I at least had some early beach time while I was in Malaysia, and lots of swims in the outdoor pools at the hotels there. On the June 2nd weekend I'll be on an island with my writer's group. Still too cold to swim in the sea but at least I'll be close to it, which I love.

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