Sunday, May 21, 2006


SUNDAY, May 21

If there's one thing I can't tolerate, it's arrogant, puffed-up big-mouthed macho men. And this seems to have been the week for those t ypes to show up, as a number of confrontations (not necessarily involving me) took place.

A new guy showed up at our Memoir group on Thursday. One of those types. Up til now we've had a dynamic group of women, so it was a rather rude intrusion into our merry little cliche. Not that we don't like to have men in the group, because we do. But this particular one is not the type who will fit in well -- unless perhaps he was so intimidated he was putting on a macho show. I think, in the end, he realized he was up against a force he couldn't reckon with with and I wonder if he'll return. Being the instructor I keep cool. I've had these blustering sergeant-majors in my classes before and have learned to calmly (bite your tongue, Ruthaki!) keep them in their place. But I could feel my hackles rise the minute this guy strutted into the room and it changed the tone of the whole morning.

Same thing happened the next two nights. On Friday I was meeting friends at the LQ. First thing that happened as soon as we arrived, my girlfriend had a confrontation with Mario the door guy and she ended up storming out. Then when my other friend was dancing, some lout sitting at a table that was half-crowded onto the tiny dance space got angry and attacked her (physically would have hurt her if one of the guys hadn't stepped in.) She was so shook up she was in tears and left. Lucky me managed to stay neutral and in the end the door -guy appologized and said my wine was on the house. These sorts of things don't usually happen at the LQ but that night there were definitely negative ions in the air.

Then yesterday, I went with Jude to the Cottage to hear my son's band play. That's always a fun afternoon. When we got there, though, this work colleague of hers had showed up. I've met this guy once before and wasn't impressed. He's weird! He is so arrogant and self-absorbed he doesn't even have the courtesy to acknowledge my presence even though I sat next to him. (not that I care!) I think he only comes to harass and badger Jude (who is married and who he keeps harping at, insisting she's 'unhappy'). That's all he ever does is badger her - no 'real' conversation. To me, it's harassment.

Maybe it's the tug of the moon or something? Why did all these similar characters come out the last few days creating tension and negativity? I kept hoping yesterday that my Havana Buddy would show up for a little positive respite from the bad vibes, but he was busy doing a radio show and didn't make it.

Let's hope tonight is better when I go to meet him and the gals at a local venue to hear a fado singer. Meanwhile, I will stay protected in my little comfy apartment and get some writing and other stuff accomplished!

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