Thursday, February 01, 2007


OK, how intelligent do you have to be to understand that killing a bunch of women and hideously dismembering them and disposing of their bodies is not going to go undiscovered and might lead to life imprisonment or, in some places, the death penalty. From the first day, the judge addressed the jury and told them to be aware of Pickton's responses, body language and words. Yesterday his defence lawyer pointed out his 'intelligence'. The interrogators noted weird ways he had of speaking or perceiving things. Evidently the inheritance he got from his parent's was put in a trust fund to be supervised by his siblings. His brother, it is said, 'cared for him.' Another question: If that's the case, how come said brother failed to notice body parts in the farm freezer, strewn around the property and bone fragments mixed with all the top soil the two of them were selling? It's obvious we are not dealing with a rocket scientists here. But come on! Willie isn't exactly a drooling idiot. If he's guilty he knew exactly what he was doing. And if he isn't guilty he knows damn well who did it. For sure, he's been playing games with the cops.

OK, it's pretty clear that Mr Pig Man isn't necessarily operating with all the lights on. But, it seems he tried to outsmart the interrogators and according to them, he did a pretty good job of it. Although his defence lawyer brought up the question of his intelligence, the cops say he has a 'phenomenal' memory and a selective memory as well. There was more talk about other people being involved. The name Hells Angels even came up, though they evidently couldn't make a real connection. And lots of questioning about the role his brother had, who lived on the same farm. Pickton claims his brother was trying to protect him. Doesn't that implicate the brother? The two brothers and a sister inherited the farm and according the paper, Pig Man is a millionaire. But is he really that smart that he can 'outsmart' the police?

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