Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Is Willie Pickton smart enough to plot the serial killings he is accused of committing? His defence argues he is slow-witted and couldn't possibly elude police for all that time. The Crown alleges he is cagy and smart. While the defence has portrayed him as "the village idiot" the police interrogation team maintains this is not true.

"He was playing games with me -- taunting me," said one of the RCMP officers, chief invesitagtor. He said Pickton suggested there were others involved but didn't provide details although he adamantly denies his brother or the Hells Angels were involved. He even offered to cut a deal with the police if they'd take down their fences and get off his property.

The question is: How 'dumb' do you have to be to know right from wrong? The guy is definitely not an imbecile. It will be interesting if and when they present a psychiatric assessment. My guess is he's a wily yokel. And I still don't believe he acted alone.

Is the Pig Farmer smart enough to have carried out all the crimes he is accused of? Or is he a wily killer who acted alone? His defence team argues that he is mentally too slow and unsophisticated to baffle police for all those years.
"I'm just a pig farmer," Pickton told police. "I ain't a college graduate. I'm just a plain little farm boy."
His sister has told police he is not 'slow' and is good mechanically. He didn't do well academically and quit school at 16 to work on the farm. His brother handles the business end of things on the farm.
He has been described as a lot like "Gabby", the hick sidekick in the old Hopalong Cassidy/Roy Rogers westerns. The defence hast tried to portray him as a yokel who just happens to be a millionaire. (Across from his property are rows of modern townhouses, so the farm property is valuable).
He certainly didn't live a life of luxury. In fact, he lived in filth and squalor. He was dirty and unkempt when arrested and refused to take a shower.
Yesterday a police officer who herself raises pigs, cried when describing the condition of the animals she found inside a stock trailer on the farm. One pig had aborted a litter and couldn't stand, another had a rotted foot. Other pigs inside the trailer were in distress with no food or water.
When the slaughterhouse was searched several bones were dug up and identified as human bones. More guns were also found in a secreted loft in the workshop along with jewellery, a wallet, leg restraints and handcuffs. Some of the DNA found matched that of victim Brenda Wolfe. Some of the personal women's items found may have belong to either of two women who had lived at the farm with Pickton before his arrest. There were also a couple of notes left to him by these women. One note said: "Willy, have a bath please. It's been six days. P.U.!"

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