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Saturday, February 17, 2007


I was at a friend's birthday yesterday, a room full of women having a lovely celebration with a delicious meal of Korean food prepared by my friend's neighbour. At some point during the evening the talk shifted from laughter and joking, to the serious and shocking disclosures of the Pig Farm. I haven't talked to one person yet who does not believe Pickton acted alone, or who does not believe that something more sinister, like snuff parties, was going on at the farm.
The question was raised as to what will be done with the acreage on which the pig farm was located. Over the two year investigation the entire property has been ploughed up and sifted in the search for remains and DNA, and all the buildings are now destroyed for the same reason. Surrounding this choice piece of property (some 30 acres or so) are housing developments. Will the property be sold to a new developer? Who would want to live in a house built on that land? The Pig Farm was a killing ground, a place of evil, and is no doubt now haunted by the souls of those women who tragically died there.

I got thinking about this question today, and my solution would be to turn the property into a memorial park. Plant a flowering tree for each of the 60 missing or dead women. Make it into a place of beautiful new growth and rebirth, a place where family and friends could come and pay their respects to their unfortunate loved ones. Why should the Picktons be allowed to profit from this place? It will be interesting, in the future, to see exactly what becomes of it.


Apparently when the police searched the Pig Farmer's trailer, they found many items belonging to women scattered inside -- including personal possessions that may have belonged to some of the six women he is accused of killing.

A jacket was found with papers in the pocket and on one was written the address of the hotel where Andrea Joesbury lived. They also found a strand of her hair on a pillow case.
There was a silver sports bag which contained an asthma inhaler made out to Sereena Abotsway and shoes, 3 books and a Bible. Another brown leather jacket contained the DNA of Brenda Wolfe, another victim. And the DNA of three of the other women were found on various items. There were cosmetics, pieces of clothing, a notebook, jewellery and other items.

Willie claims he didn't do it. Then how did all these incriminating pieces of evidence get in his trailer?

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