Tuesday, September 20, 2005


TUESDAY, Sept 20

A lot has happened in one week. First, by the end of last week I was feeling pretty down because of lack of money, friend's illness, night school class cancelled and computer crashed!
What more could go wrong. Had words with a friend on Sunday which really upset me further, though Sunday afternoon was great fun doing a photo-shoot for my pal Lyn who has amazingly lost 170 pounds since last year and looks fantastic!

Monday (yesterday) I went to the hospital and spent six hours there, a very worthwhile way to pass the day, helping my friend out and keeping him company. Our private visit and conversations were moments to remember. I opted out on going to my writer's critique group because he asked if I could 'cancel' my meeting. It meant a lot to him, and a lot ot me to be able to stay with him.

Today I felt quite exhausted, emotionally and physically. But before noon came, there were already two answers to prayer: I got a paycheque from the daycare covering the days they hadn't paid me for last week. And a letter from the gov't saying they were raising the rental subsidies for low-income seniors (me!). What a bonus!

My friends MJ and her techie husband came late this afternoon and while she took me out for a delicious Ethiopian dinner on the Drive, Brad fixed my computer....at no cost to me!

Three blessings in one day! I feel so fortunate, and grateful and thank God for answered prayers.

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