Saturday, September 03, 2005


FRIDAY, Sept 2

On Wednesday night this week, the guys from the band that my friend usually plays with on the weekends, went up to the Palliative Care ward and played a concert for him and other patients who were able to attend (most just heard the music from their beds). It was one of the most heart-warming experiences and truly a wonderful and therapeutic thing for my friend.
Several of the group from the LQ attended as well as his family members and grandkids. A couple of patients dropped in, one with his family, and other people stopped to listen. It was great to see A. participating, even trying to sing along although his voice is hoarse right now from the radiation. One thing the event showed us was what a 'family' we are, those of us who are regulars at the LQ. And the warm and loving cameraderie that is between us all.

Today when I went for my visit, he was looking bright and happy and much stronger. Evidently yesterday his daugher arranged for a harpist to come and play for him. More music therapy! Apparantly the harp has been used as a healing instrument for centuries. So he meditated while the harpist strummed. Definitely the best kind of medicine for him.

I went out for some of my own music therapy tonight, but unfortunately my favorite dance partner wasn't there. The crowd was mostly strangers, and it was a strange energy too. But as usual the music was excellent and I enjoy just sitting and listening and singing along.

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