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Saturday, September 10, 2005


FRIDAY, Sept. 9.

A friend of mine who recently broke up with her Chilean boyfriend has nothing at all good to say about Chilean men (my friend A. included). She has ranted on to me on more than one occasion, the most recent being yesterday, advising me to "Forget him. They are all liars. Don't give him your sympathy."

I find this poisonous tirade not only disturbing but offensive. My Chilean friend is in the hospital (in Palliative Care, very serious) with cancer. Should I abandon him?

I think not. And especially today when I went there and found he was alone and suffering so terribly from pain. (Apparantly they are readjusting his meds) How could you ever imagine abandoning a friend when they are in such a plight? I sat with him all afternoon, holding his hand and comforting him through the terrible spasm, in between talkiing and sometimes philosophizing about life. Why has this happened to him, in just three months? Has he done something bad to deserve this?

I cannot imagine how anyone could abandon anyone in this situation. And the attitude of my friend is highly disturbing. What kind of woman is she? How can she be so cruel-minded toward her fellow man just because he is of a certain ethnic background?

Perhaps it's situations like this that bring out the true nature of people. For sure, I am seeing her in a new and clear (not so nice) light. But no matter what, I will not abandon my friend.
No matter how tough it gets, I 'll be there for him, holding his hand and encouraging him to be brave.

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