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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


MONDAY, Sept 5.

Summer's over, now it's Fall
Quite the nicest time of all!

It sure felt like Fall tonight when I was walking home from my friends, bare feet in sandals and a light jacket. No buses in sight so I had to walk all the way, freezing!

But it's been a good beginning to this week. Perhaps starting yeterday (Sunday) when I went to visit A. and ended up going to Mass with him, his daughter and grandson in the hospital chapel. That set the tone for this week, I think.

Today I had a two-and-half hour filmed interview with this man from Toronto for a docu about older women and relationships. Rather fun. I talked so much my jaw hurt. Funny!
I wonder how much (if any) of the footage he'll use? I know I kind of look dorky on film but the interview was fun.

Then tonight I went to my Havana Buddy's to watch an excellent docu about Fidel Castro. We also watched a DVD of Arturo Sandoval at the Blue Note in New York. P. had already given me a copy of the CD but to see the concert 'live' was excellent. He basically plays the same sets he played at the jazz concert here. Really excellent music. We also watched several cuts of a collection of Saturday Night Live shows that were very amusing. Drank Mexican beer. Ate pizza and taco chips with salsa. A very nice evening!

When I got home I found out my "Sailing to Hades" article has been published in one of the weekly newspapers and I found it on two sites on-line which makes me happy. Not that it pays a lot but just to finally see it in print is always exciting! and (under travel) It think it also get published in a couple of the Valley newspapers.

So tomorrow I really hope I can get some writing done as well as a visit to my friend. And in the evening I have to chair the writer's club downtown. Might even go to waterfit in the morning if I get myself into gear early enough. I feel like I'm on a roll!

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