Monday, August 29, 2005


MONDAY, Aug 29

Wow, the month is almost over and soon it will be the end of summer and Fall time. The weather is still quite warm so I hope by the weekend I'll get another swim in the pool by the Bay.

This weekend was pleasant. Yesterday I went to see a lovely movie "Ladies in Lavender" with those amazing women Judy Dench and Maggie Smith. Afterwards my friend came for dinner. When we got to my place she opened her car trunk and there were bags and bags of groceries that her daughter had bought for me. I was so awed by this -- another act of kindness by a generous friend! There was everything from pizza to strawberries! Although I do get my cheques this week, this will certainly cut down on my grocery expenses. I'm ever so grateful!

After dinner and a long talk, I just relaxed for the rest of the evening. My TV is giving up the ghost so I don't watch it much at all these days. Just played on the computer and did X-words.

Today, with money in my pocket (at last! Yay!) I went downtown to visit A. Took him a red rose. It was a nice visit, though he seemed bewildered today, a bit beaten and looking old. But at least he'd eaten something nutritious. And he appologized for not being able to talk as his voice was hoarse (from the treatments, apparantly). While he was sprucing himself up I went to the lounge and had a long and interesting, (also revealing) talk with his youngest daughter. It was good to talk more intimately to her and good for her to be able to express things to me. I think it was special for both of us. As I was leaving he said "I'm going to get well!" Good to hear a positive statement. And I agreed, "Yes you are!" And he thanked me for the rose, and my love and my caring. His daughter and I had a good warm hug, and then I left.

I felt good after that visit and talk. We all have to work together to help him get through this. And don't forget to pray!

Tonight was my writer's group -- always good to be with my writer friends. I've even had a few good laughs today. So it's a positive start for the new week.

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