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Friday, August 05, 2005



It's been a rough week for me, living too far over the edge and wondering what to do to make ends meet til the end of the month. I used my daycare paycheck to get the bus ticket to go to the Lake next week to have a reunion with my grandson and daughter. That left me with nothing after rent and bills were covered. By last night I was down to a bit of small change and contemplating what items that I own might be pawned...

But there are angels among us, in this case the angels are very good friends. And by now I should never give up hope that somehow things will turn out alright.

The other night one of my sweet friends loaded me up with goodies from her fridge to take home (I've been on a poverty diet which has paid off somewhat as yesterday I weighed in at the pool and disovered - oh joy! - that I had lost 3 lbs.) Still, it's not nice to feel hungry and for some reason when my cupboards are bare I begin obsessing over food.

This morning started off grand when I found that a cheque had been deposited in my account (from my memoirs class). That means I'll have the spending money I need for my trip to the lake and a wee bit to live on meantime. (God knows how I'll manage for the rest of the month though.) Then a friend came for lunch today bearing care-packages from her daughter: a large laundry basket full of dry-goods and a big bag of frozen goods. My friend bright lunch along too, so we had an excellent visit. And when I began to unpack the goodies, there was an envelope containing $25. I am speechless at the generosity of these wonderful friends. They are truly angels!

I really hate being broke, feeling like a moocher. It's just a fact of life in the summer-time for me. There haven't been any daycare calls (and likely won't be many) and my classes don't resume til mid September. So there is little left to live on. (I still haven't paid my utlities. They'll have to wait.) However, I developed survival skills a long, long time ago and once in awhile (like now) they come in handy and I manage to make the best of it. And obviously Somebody Up There is watching out for me, because He sent Angels to help me out.

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