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Thursday, August 18, 2005



After I delivered the reading material last Saturday, I had several phone conversations with my friend A. He tried to explain the situation of his health problems to me but I wasn't sure if he was in denial or if the situation wasn't so serious. He asked me to come to see him. So today, back from my four day reunion holiday at the Lake, I promised I'd go. Then I got an email and also a phone conversation with a friend who'd been there earlier this week. It seems the prognosis is not at all good. He does have cancer and is undergoing radiation treatments.

I went there today, expecting the worst, but it wasn't quite so bad or upsetting as I'd antipacated. Yes, he is very ill, he's very weak but was a good colour today and cheerful.
We had a good visit. I talked to his daughter in the hall awhile. Both of us were nearly in tears. She said "I'm a Christian" and I said I was too. She said, "He says as long as two of you are gathered together I will be with you." And I said, "Yes and He is with us." I told her how fond I am of her father and how I pray for him every day. This is what we must do. Pray that the treatments will heal him. Keep the Faith. Send up good thoughts and positive vibes to the Cosmos. And ask for healing prayers. I believe in Miracles, and I pray that God will provide one for my friend.

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