Saturday, August 13, 2005



When I went up to the hospital this morning to drop off some reading material for my friend, I got caught up in the largest military funeral parade that has been held in this country in many years. It was in honour of Ernest (Smokey) Smith, Canada's last living Victoria Cross winner who single-handedly fought off a German tank unit back in 1944.

I hadn't intended to watch the processional but the Church where the service was held happened to be right next to the hospital. And I'm glad I did happen upon it as it was a moving moment in history, honouring a Canadian hero. When the entourage of veterans passed by there was loud applause from the spectators that lined the street. I thought of my Dad, and how proud he'd have been to attend the ceremonies. Dad was a veteran of WW2 too, a chaplain stationed in an army hospital unit in Belgium and Holland. He was awarded the M.B.E. for his compassion and bravery.

Later I dropped by the daycare to help them celebrate their 20th anniversary. They had a BBQ with entertainment for the kids. A very nice family affair.

I was so pleased, when I got home, to find a phone message from my friend A. who called me as soon as the nurse had delivered the package to him this morning. And since then we've had three conversations. He was very appreciative and asked me to come to see him, which I'll do next week as soon as I'm home from the Lake. He is weak and ill but recovering slowly and it doesn't appear as if he has cancer -- at least not according to what he explained to me. But he's obviously been very ill. So he asked me to keep my fingers crossed that all goes well and that he gets better soon. And of course I'll pray for him also. But it was so good to talk, to hear his voice, to hear him say "I miss you too!"

So now I can go off to the Lake for that special reunion with my grandson and daughter and know that for now, all's well!

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