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Tuesday, August 23, 2005



I've been trying to get back on track with my writing schedule this week and so far, so good!
Yesterday I did a few hours work and in the evening the writer's group came so it was my turn to read. I got very useful and encouraging critiques, so today I did some editing and made notes to finish off Part IV. The ideas are flowing now. The Muse is there on my shoulder giving me hints and ideas!

After my few hours of work today, I headed for the beach. Summer's drawing to an end and in another couple of weeks the pool will be closed at Second Beach. I still haven't gone swimming in the ocean though, so perhaps I ought to do that soon. I usually head for the beach in the mid-late afternoon. When I got there today there weren't too many people so I nabbed a deck chair and was able to lounge in the sun for awhile as well as have a couple of excellent long swims. The pool water is so pleasantly warm!

By six thirty I decided to head along the sea wall and caught to bus to the hospital.
A. was sitting up looking very well again tonight. Shortly after I arrived some other guests came too and he was very pleased to see them (the guys from the LQ). I was going to leave but he asked me to stay so I hung out until about 8.30 then left because he still hadn't eaten his dinner and was hungry. The hospital food is a disgrace. He suggested I should write a story about it and I certainly will if I get more info. It's so disgusting his daughter says she'll take photos of it. The meal she showed me tonight looked like vomit! So she's bring bringing him suitable and delicious food from outside and his friend arrived tonight with a big bag of fruit.

So tomorrow is another day at home, writing and doing some errands I need to do (checking up on my own health and well-being). I'll go and visit A. again on Thursday afternoon. At the rate he's going we hope that he'll soon be able to get out. He's finished his radiation now and it's only a matter of time. And, of course, we're all praying for a positive outcome. But it's looking more hopeful at this time.

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