Sunday, August 21, 2005


SUNDAY, Aug. 21.

It's been a good weekend so far. Friday I visited A. again and this time he was so much improved, looking himself again, sitting up dining and talking. We had one of our wonderful long chats, so I stayed longer than I'd intended as he wanted me to. At one point he was listening to a song he wanted to translate for me and he was actually singing! It was so great to see him in such good spirits. Staying positive and hopeful is part of the healing process and I felt in my heart that he will get over this. He asked me if I thought he would beat it and I said he certainly would. He's a survivor and he'll do it! I pray a hundred times a day that he will.

I'm finding distractions to keep myself from being preoccupied with A's condition. Yesterday I had my good friend George here for dinner. We always have such nice visits and long talks. Our history as friends goes 'way back to the '70's. So I prepared an Italian meal, he provided the Italian wine and we had quite an enjoyable evening. Watched the video of the "Arturo Sandoval Story" which has the soundtrack of Sandoval's amazing trumpet playing. A very nice evening! And I managed not to let myself slip into any sad thoughts about negative possibilities concerning A.

Today I'd thought of going to the beach later on but my girlfriend called to remind me of the Latin Days celebration at the local Trout Lake park. So we're taking a little picnic and meeting some friends of hers there. That should be a lot of fun and no doubt we'll run into a lot of our friends there (Hispanic ones and otherwise). Maybe even do some dancing. (I missed out on my dances with the Greek on Friday night as I arrived at the L.Q. too late and he had to leave.)

So, for the most portion of today I'll concentrate on writing. Got to catch up and keep my mind occupied with creative activities!

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