Thursday, July 28, 2005



Today I had the best of intentions but somehow, the sun must have affected my brain, and I have done nothing all day but laze around, completely unmotivated, though I did stop now and then to 'think' about what I had really intended to do. That was to WRITE!

Usually on Thursday I'm downtown with my Memoirs group. But we postponed it til tomorrow, which gave me a free day. So I decided to rise early and go to waterfit, my plan being to get groceries afterwards, then come home and write all day. (I did tons of notes on Wednesday and wanted to get started with the new chapter.)

I walked up the Drive. Had lunch at my fave coffee shop. Then went shopping. I thought I was only getting a 'few' things, however after I'd shopped (prices are outrageous these days!) and crammed everything into my pull-along back-pack (plus the extra bags I had to carry), I realized I had quite a load to walk all the way home with.

It was a hot day today and by the time I struggled down the hill and up the hill with everything, I was soaked through with sweat and totally pooped. I ended up having a nap
but that didn't help. I only felt more brain-frozen afterwards. So basically, I've just lazed away the entire day. Didn't do one line of writing (didn't even look at it!). The only thing 'literary' I did was read a few chapters of "The Hours" which I'm enjoying, which I sat on my balcony and ate my fruit salad for dinner, while sipping on a glass of iced wine.

Tomorrow I have to go downtown for the memoirs group (writing in a garden tomorrow). And then it's time to hit the beach again. (Gotta work on the tan while the sun is still shining!)

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