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Thursday, July 07, 2005

DAY THREE: All's well...

WEDNESDAY: Today is day three of the cleansing fast and I feel really good. Days three and four are mainly juice or broth. A bit of fruit (watermelon) is allowed to stave off hunger. But I didn't really feel hungry today. I did have a little fruit (watermelon, strawberries and grapes - a few) for my lunch. Otherwise I have stuck to the juice/broth. I only started salivating at the beach when I smelled the fish and chips, but that soon passed.

Everything turned out well for me today. When I went downtown expecting my memoir group to be cancelled, instead six people showed up. So our "Writing in the Park' is a go for the month of July. Today we wrote out on the lawn of the Manor. Next week we'll meet at the Park by the beach and have a pot-luck picnic. So hopefully the warm sunny weather will make a return by this weekend.

It was actually sunny (more or less) today so after class I went to the Park and had a good long swim. The pool water is warm and pleasant and today there were few people in the pool.
Afterwards I walked along the sea-wall and watched the Tall Ships come sailing into the Bay. Quite a pretty sight. I thought of how the Bay must have looked a couple of centuries ago when the Spanish and British ships sailed into the harbour.

I walked along thinking to myself how Life is Beautiful for me right now, and I'm grateful for that and remembered to say some prayers of thanks. It isn't too beatuiful for our friends in England right now, after that wonderful celebration they had last night. Just to think that only a few weeks ago I was riding those tubes! I felt terrible seeing the photos my my beloved London Town and the devastation those bombs caused. It was a miracle though, that hundreds were not killed. Amazing that so far there are only a few deaths reported, though so many injuries and likely many of them serious.

What is this world coming to? And who excatly was it that set the bombs off? Was it really the A.Q. link or could it have been a ruse to sabotage the G8 summit? Whoever is responsible is evil and hopefully will be caught soon.

Too many innocents have been suffering since the Iraq war started. Yesterday I ran into my good friend the Babylonian and he told me his teen-age son, in Baghdad, had been shot again. This is the second time his boy has been caught in cross-fire. A year ago the boy was badly shot up as he came home from school, and had to be sent to Jordan for treatment. This time he was walking on the street with his friends and he was shot in the leg. My friend is a refugee from Iraq, a victim of Sadaam's regime (and his father was killed by Sadaam). But since this nasty, dirty war began far too many innocents have been the victims both there and in other places. Now we can add London to the list. When will it end?

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