Sunday, July 10, 2005


SUNDAY. It's been a good day today. The sun was shining for most of it, then there were light showers. The weatherman predicts warmer weather coming. It's about time. We're all sun-starved!

Today is my final day of fasting and except for a couple of minor slips I've done really well. It was not only for my health and well-being, but an exercise in discipline which I needed (just to prove I can do it!). Today was the veggie/fruit day again. I didn't eat enough before I left home at noon though, so although I took an apple along to snack on, by mid afternoon I felt very starved. By the we were down at the beach and there wasn't anything appropriate to buy at the concession. I ended up getting a small bag of cheesies (junk food, oh no!) and some apple juice. It pays to go prepared and I really should have thought ahead about that.

I'd gone with my writer friends to see the screening of a docu-movie "Scribes" which was filmed at last year's writer's conference. Later we drove around the beach to see the Tall Ships.
At the one park you could only get a distant view of the Russian ship Pallada. So we drove around to another beach farther away to get a closeup of the Mexican Cuauhtemoc, an 82 metre white-hulled ship. There were many people on the beaches today having barbecues and picnics while they observed the ships. It was the annual Sea Festival, but it cost $10 to get into the festival area and board the ships. I think I had the best view of them last Thursday when I saw them sail into the Bay.

Given the temptations today of the popcorn (to which I'm addicted) at the theatre and the tantalizing aromas of hot-dogs and fish&chips at the beach concessions, I did very well resisting temptation, especially as I was famished. What will I eat tomorrow to 'break myself in'? I think I'm craving salmon. Or I may just settle for a tuna salad. It's wise to take it easy when going off the fast and I've become quite used to a vegan diet this past week. In particular I've noticed how I haven't wanted to eat bread or starchy carbs. So I'll try to avoid them for as long as I can.

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