Saturday, July 09, 2005


FRIDAY. Well I didn't intentionally fall off the happened that my friend Rosie came in town and was invited to dinner. She brought a bottle of some very good white wine. How could I resist? I didn't! Had a couple with the Greek salad (without feta) that I made for dinner (Rosie got the feta and a small roll). It's been another day of mainly juice/broth and some fruit. I wasn't feeling hungry at all, and didn't all evening. But it was really testing my will-power to go the bar tonight after falling into temptation and having the two glasses of wine.
I had seriously intended to ask for pretend crantinis or pretened caesars but somehow after one zen cocktail (soda and lime) I could resist no longer and had a couple of spritzers along with glasses of water. Do I feel bad? No, actually I feel very good tonight. And there are still two days left in which to redeem myself. So far I'm feeling very healthy and haven't had one minute of stomach trouble since I began this fast last Tuesday.

Great to get some exercise tonight too, when my Greek friend showed up. I simply love dancing with him and so it made for an excellent evening. Along with my two good friends Rosie and the Babylonian. What an great way to spend a Friday night!

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