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Sunday, July 10, 2005


SATURDAY: Day five of the fast and all's well. Today was back to veggies and fruit and for dinner I made a most delicious fruit/veggie salad. Surprised at the lack of hunger pangs or any other side-affects. One more day and I'll have achieved the goal. And except for last night and tonight I haven't strayed off course. Again tonight I indulged in a couple of spritzers but aside from that I was on my program 100%

Another surprising evening and I am hoping for positive outcomes. That very nice man I met the weekend before my trip, who was so kind and generous with me, came into the LQ tonight so we talked a bit and I really do hope we get lots more visits in. He is a most fascinating and interesting man and such pleasant warm vibes.

My outlook is much more postive now than it was a week ago when I was getting over jet-lag and culture shock. I seem to have cleansed a lot of negative thoughts out of my body along with the detox.

One more day to go. Then what will I eat?

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