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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


TUESDAY. This was my second day off the fast. Yesterday I ate all vegetarian and felt fine. But last night after the Neruda poetry reading I went with my friend for a cup of tea (herbal) and treated myself to a sweet: a lovely pastry with almonds and honey. Consequences: I could not sleep all night, and unfortunately had to rise early to go to work today! What a sugar high just from one little pastry!

Secondly: today I decided to introduce some real protein so I boiled two eggs and had those for lunch along with celery, radishes, olives and some grapes and a pear later on for dessert.
Consequences: By mid afternoon I had serious stomach cramps -- and worse! I had a hard time getting home as I was in dire straights. It must have been the eggs, as I've been eating veggies and fruit all week with no side-affects. So tonight I had a nice big tuna salad for dinner and afterwards I felt just fine.

Conclusion: I must strike Eggs and Sugary things off my diet for now and stick to edibles that do not upset my system.

Now comes the supreme test: I have a luncheon invitation for tomorrow (Wed.) at a place that serves Greek buffet. That shouldn't be too much of a problem for choices. But for dinner I'm invited to a friend's and I am certain it's going to be a glutton's feast so I must be very careful not to overeat and choose the wrong things. And no desserts! Thursday is a picnic in the park with my memoir ladies. That won't be a problem either. Then lunch on Friday with a writer friend at my favorite coffee bar (I've been drinking juice or herbal tea instead of coffee).
Saturday I also have a dinner invitation. And Sunday there's both breakfast with my pal I. and a gala birthday party at my place for another friend. Aside from the wine-imbibbing I'm not to worried about the party as there will be salads, chicken souvlaki and briani which is mainly veggies. But will my pure cleansed body reject the wine? I better go easy! Why ruin the six days of disciplined fasting by getting a little carried away!

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