Wednesday, July 06, 2005


WEDNESDAY. This was my second day of the cleansing fast. Last night when I went to bed I felt achy all over and had to take a muscle relaxant. However this morning I woke after a good rest feeling fine. The sun was shining (at last!) and I decided to head for the beach once my writing was done. By noon, though, it had clouded over and was quite cold, so I stayed in until mid afternoon when I really felt a need to escape the computer and take a break. So I walked up Victoria Drive, looked in a this very fancy and expensive boutique, then somehow ended up over on the Drive and in the Calabria Coffee Shop. My only 'near-cheat' for the day was having a small bottle of apple juice which had some sugar (fruit sugar) in it. Didn't feel tempted to eat anything such as a biscotti or sandwich. Ran into a couple of friends and walked home again.

During the afternoon I'd made a delicious soup out of various vegetables: cabbage, kale, beets, carrot, zucchini, onion, beans, mushrooms and lentils. I had a couple of small bowls of this for supper. (At lunch I had a lettuce salad with tomato, avocado, cuke and onion). In between I've been snacking on fruit and juices. And now I have a container of vegetable broth to drink tomorrow. The next two days are fruit and veggie juices mainly, watermelon is suggested as solid food if necessary. I will probably supplement the juices with a bit of fruit if I get hungry.
My success so far has been because I made sure the fridge was well-stocked with necessary fruits, veggies and juices. I also made sure any temptations were removed from sight and surprisingly I'm not missing the starchy carbs and wheat products at all!

Tomorrow morning is supposed to be my first "Writing in the Park" group(memoirs) but I'm not sure enough women have registered although by tonight there was possibly four. (We need at least five). So it will be a surprise if it is okay to go ahead in the morning. Anyway, I want to visit with the ladies that do show up.

I didn't feel achy, dizzy or any other effects of fasting today. Hope the next two days go just as well! (How come my jeans feel so tight though? Shouldn't they be getting looser?)

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