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Thursday, July 14, 2005


WEDNESDAY. Today I had two invitations for meals. First was for lunch, a Greek buffet.
The couple who invited me are good friends and we had an enjoyable time together. The food was excellent, a good choice of salad bar, soups and main courses so it was easy to choose suitable foods that wouldn't upset me. I had a mixed salad, lamb/veg soup and some lemon chicken with rice and veggies. For dessert, a creme caramel, some fruit and a tiny Greek pastry.

At breakfast time today as I couldn't purchase my favorite yoghurt, I had some cottage cheese and melon. Consequences: By four p.m today I was beset by a stomach attack. This points to a definite problem with DAIRY PRODUCTS! (The creme caramel could have contributed.)

So when I went out to a friends for a gala birthday-party family/reunion dinner tonight I was really scared to eat. However, there was a good selection of various salads, fish and BBQ ribs.
Also BBQ chicken appetizers and some Indian appetizers which were spicey but delicious.
I took small portions and tried one piece of ribs that didn't have much meat on it. Results were okay. And a good time was had by all.

I got a ride later to meet my Havana Buddy at the LQ. There were quite a few other friends there too and the music tonight was particularly excellent (jazz). It rounded off a very good day, except for the problem with the dairy which I will try hard to eliminate tomorrow.

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