Thursday, July 21, 2005


WEDNESDAY. This is the night I always go to the L.Q. to listen to Laura sing jazz. These days she has another excellent combo playing with her -- another young woman on keyboards who I 've been told is a solo star on her own; and the upright bass player who is one of the best.
I told her tonight they ought to be recording. I'm always entranced by the lyrics of those old jazz tunes, and tonight she sang a beautiful rendition of "The Surrey With the Fringe on the Top."

The dinner crowd pretty well occupied most of the bistro when I first arrived, and there weren't any friends there. I began to wish my Havana Buddy had come along as he's great company for jazz. Then I had this thought that perhaps a magical happening might occur -- the the arrival of The Frenchman.

In time, one by one, my guy friends arrived. First the Capitan, then the Pirate and then Tai Chi Bob. We were all gathered around the end of the bar having a lively time of it. I was outside briefly, then returned, and was joking around with my pals when I happened to notice that The Frenchman had arrived and was sitting right next to Tai Chi Bob. I was so surprised I was almost speechless. We greeted each other and he said he'd just arrived. So I kept thinking (as I was talking and laughing with my guy friends) that I ought to go talk to The Frenchman too, but didn't. And then he was getting up and leaving. Oh rats! We just said goodbye and that was that. Later I realized what a golden opportunity had slipped right by my, and even after I'd been 'wishing' he would show up.

Walking home, I realized it was a full moon and I remembered the last full moon when Dinaz and I watched it from her 5th floor balcony in Athens. It was a good night tonight. And more to come.

Oh well, there'll always be a 'next' time. And I will be better prepared for it!

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