Saturday, July 02, 2005


It's taken me a week to recover from my jet-lag and culture shock after returning from my excellent five week holiday in England/Greece. I took it easy this week, allowed myself time to sleep, moved slowly, didn't expect myself to do too much. One chore a day was all that I tried to achieve. So by this weekend my house was clean, I am rested, and I am ready for plunging into a full writing schedule next week.

One bonus has been the International Jazz Festival, which began last weekend. Starting on Wednesday, Suzaki and I took on a concert by our favorite Latino band, Sumalao, at the Performance Works. It was crowded and the dance floor was a mad-house, but it was great fun! Thursday night, a super bonus -- my Havana Buddy Paul took me to see the Arturo Sandoval concert, truly a phenomenal concert! Quite a thrill to see this multi-talented Cuban musician perform. The back-up band, Rumba Calzado, was als excellent. And as the show was at the fashionably Centre for Performing Arts, it was quite a treat.

Yesterday was Canada Day with many free events, so I went to the Granville Market. It started to spit rain when I went there late afternoon so as the one Brazilian group I wanted to hear were performing on an outdoor stage, it wasn't too pleasant to sit around. The rain stopped but it was so cold and I was not warmly dressed (still used to that lovely hot 30 C weather of Athens!). So I went indoors to the Performance Works and listened to some groups from Quebec, and then an excellent performance by a local singer, Karen Plato. My friend Paul was there so we sat together, then he had to leave. I love her voice but wished she'd sung more familiar jazz tunes as I found her own compositions, though adequate, were a little on the slow side. Anyway, it was all for free and quite enjoyable.

By then I was starving, as I hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was mid evening. So I hopped the bus and went straight to the L.Q. for some hot seafood chowder and cerveza. Several of my friends showed up and everyone was so glad to see me, welcoming and making a fuss over me. I got to dance at lot with my guy friends too, which was great fun. So by the end of the evening I was quite exhausted again and luckly my friend Viki gave me a ride home where I simply collapsed on my bed and slept the night away.

Now it's Saturday and still more free jazz to take in, then a visit to the bistro to hear my son play as I haven't seen him since returning. Then tonight perhaps another evening of dancing at the LQ. Tomorrow I am hoping for more sunshine as I plan a picnic to the park and possibly a swim in the Second Beach pool. My tan is fading fast! I need some sunshine and a day to relax. Next week I shall focus entirely on my writing. Holiday time is over. Time to get down to work!

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