Friday, May 20, 2005


FRIDAY, May 20 Ahhh...a day 'off'. Well, sort of, at least no more lessons as they all finished up last night. But still some things to do, though most of the running around and errands are finished.

I went for a relaxing lunch today with my son, Steve, his wife, Sue , and my travel companion Ingrid. Aside from having to wait an hour to be fed (a computer glitch!!) it was a good lunch and a nice conversation. Later I ran into I. in the supermarket too so she gave me a lift home which was good as I was already exhausted and it's only mid-afternoon.

At least now there isn't much to do except putter around the apartment, possibly do some writing, and start a load of laundry so that I can pack. I want to be able to relax for the couple of days before we leave (Monday night). And I've even booked a massage appt. for Sunday morning! I ever need it!

I've an invitation to a friend's tonight. Fortunately the meeting I was supposed to attend got cancelled so I will be able to spend an evening vegging out, drinking wine, talking, maybe pop into the LQ on my way home later on. Tomorrow (Saturday) will be another busy day with various activities planned. I'll be glad to get on the road (or should I say --- to fly away) on Monday night!

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