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Monday, May 16, 2005


MONDAY, May 16 and one week to go. Am I ever excited!
I got off to a good start this week, up early, did some house chores, and if I do a bit each day I won't have the last minute stress that usually happens just before a big trip. I have to leave my house in order for the house-sitter and so far I have most of the bedroom cleared of it's piles of books and papers, went through most of the back-log of unread newspapers and magazines, dusted, cleaned mirrors and tiles, vacuumed. Whew! I did manage to accomplish a lot today!

It's a rainy day, so good for doing indoor chores, but I did take a trip up to the shops and got a few things, picked up some films and walked home just to get some fresh air and exercise.
Tonight the writers are coming to my place for our weekly critique group. And tomorrow I have a couple of appointments as well as night school classes the next 3 days.

I won't start packing til the weekend. We are endeavouring to travel light. That might be difficult, but I shall try my best. At least this time I won't be taking along my usual stack of manuscript papers, research notes and books as I am not intended to do anything more than make hand-written notes or write on my palm pilot when I'm away this time. It's going to be mostly a fun and adventure trip, being my friend's tour guide and visiting friends and family.

So now it is only mid afternoon and I have some time to look at my writing. I'd really like to finish a bit more of the novel before I take off.

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