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Thursday, May 19, 2005



After class tonight I went to the L.Q. to hear some jazz and there were two of my guy friends sitting side-by-side waiting for me to arrive. The Funny thing being they'd only met last week and weren't really that acquainted. But after I got there, they were.

One was my Havana Buddy and the other The Babylonian. Both excellent fellows and I felt really nice that they were waiting for me. We had a pleasant evening, later joined by a third guy friend Cliffy (the dancer) and a good time was had by all three of us. Excellent music and talk.

I'm filling in the Havana Buddy with some of my past adventures, tonight in particular, the Greek stories (some of them) linking them to people he knows here, places -- like the Waterfront Corrall owned by the Greek family who 'adopted' me into their village in Greece.
And the Babylonian and I have been collaborating on the program for his next performance production in that I edited his director's notes for him.

So a lovely evening was had by all and later the Babylonian walked me home. By then the rain had stopped and the funny thing was, the umbrella I'd brought was one he had loaned me several years ago (he'd forgotten). I offered to give it back. He declined.

This is my count-down now to my departure and I'm getting keyed up, eager and excited.
This weekend will be a few more parties at the L.Q. and then on Monday I fly away.
Everyone is getting my travel blog address to check into:

That's where you'll find me from next week on til the end of June.

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