Monday, May 09, 2005


MONDAY. Yesterday was Mother's Day. I didn't see either of my kids although both of them phoned and we had nice long chats. I spent most of it trying to work on my novel and relaxing.
In the evening, I met a friend at the Playwright's Centre to take in another of the excellent play readings that have been held all week. This was my third play. And this one was by Michael Ondaatje ("The English Patient") titled "Coming Through Slaughter". An excellent play about the legendary cornet player Buddy Bolden of turn-of-century New Orleans. The bonus was a huge buffet of ribs and slaw and corn-bread etc etc provided by the Memphis Blues Cafe. Yummy! So that made up for not going out anywhere special for dinner with my kids. A real nice way to celebrate Mother's Day for this writer Mom.

I got home late and of course can't go to sleep right away as I'm all keyed up, so I ended up watching a late night docu about "Remembering the Camps" which was narrated by Trevor Howard, and showed old film clips of the liberation of the death camps in Germany. Such a horrible thing to have on my mind after a delightful day. But it provoked some kind of odd dream which was partly erotic and partly weird. I wonder where these images come from?
I was marrying a gorgeous tall, good-looking guy who evidently was Jewish and so it wasn't a real wedding ceremony although I had a bride's dress and a lot of attendants all dressed up in pretty gowns. There were several glitches in the actualy 'ceremony' but it ended up okay and this man (whoever he was) was a darling! (Gosh, wish I could find one like that for my very own in real life!) . But there was one funny (odd) thing and that was when we eventually went to bed he didn't have much down below. I recall being shocked, but figuring out 'well, he's a lovely man anyway so there's other means and ways....' I guess this was provoked by the fact I'd seen so many naked dead stick-like figures being shoveled into the burial pits in these camps and it was plain to see some of their private parts. (Hideous!) And also a memory of a gorgeous German engineer I once had a brief fling with who was a real he-man mountaineer type but in the end had nothing more than a baby-finger's worth of equipment. (How embarassing for both of us!) Anyway this strange dream of mine seemed to end up okay except some Asian girl showed up who evidently knew my groom and wanted to hang out with us and insisted on showing me her Siamese cat. Where do these dream ideas come from?
The dream was so bizarre and interesting that I almost hated waking from it. And who was that tall, handsome fellow? Hmmmm???

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